Amerikohl Receives Mined Land Reclamation Award – Non-Coal Reclamation

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Amerikohl Receives Mined Land Reclamation Award – Non-Coal Reclamation

amerikohl-non-coalAmerikohl Aggregates Inc., McMillen Limestone Quarry was nominated for the Mined Land Reclamation Award by William Edmiston of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Knox District Mining Office. The Vanport Limestone is the principal mineral being mined but some coal is also encountered and extracted incidental to the limestone recovery. The limestone is about 20’ thick and is mined under cover ranging from 20’ to 120’. The mining is accomplished using a block strip method which allows reclamation to be performed on a contemporaneous basis as the mining operation advances through the reserve.

One of the operator’s goals from the initiation of this operation has been to accomplish as contemporaneous reclamation as practicable. This has been achieved and exemplified by the fact that hay crops were harvested the last 2 years on areas reclaimed over the previous 3 years. Reclamation, including planting, began in 2013 and has progressed every year since. Secondary to the goal of maintaining contemporaneous reclamation is to keep the active footprint of the operation to a minimal configuration that will allow them to mine efficiently, meet production goals, minimize their presence in the neighborhood, and, to the extent possible, make that presence as compatible as possible with the ongoing life of the surrounding community. This spring the operator built an outbound truck wheel washer to address a recurring problem of trucks tracking fine limestone dust from the site onto local streets where it would be dispersed into the atmosphere and eventually settle out on houses and cars. Those wheel washing efforts have proven successful in minimizing off-site impacts.


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